Inspector Po - Lost & Found

by Inspector Po

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Inspector Po first release, possibly 2014. Recorded by Ric Simon at Traceland/Simon Studios. Produced by Ric Simon and Inspector Po. Mixed by Darth Fader at Tinitus Studio Nbg.


released December 31, 2016

Jay Montone: vocals, harmonica, possibly keyboards but i can't remember and stuff
Shawn Patrick: guitar, vocals and stuff
Rive McTell: lead guitar, backing vocals and stuff
WB: bass and stuff
Ric Simon: drums and more stuff
Alex Sticht: drums and backing vocals on Magic and stuff



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Track Name: The Camels Back
the camels back

so you wanna know.......what’s on my mind
been locked in a shell been closed........for a long long time
so you wanna know.....just how i feel
been listening to the voice within.....but i don’t know if it’s real
and i’ve been.....practicing the answers
and hoping that they’re right....hiding from shadows...that i cast in the night
well i hide the pain inside
your frustrations.....well they’re justified
while i try so communicate
cats’ got my tongue......and i hope it’s.....not too late
i hold the straw....that could break.....the camels back
can’t believe that i.....nearly threw it.....all away
Track Name: On My Own
On my own

Moving down a dusty road I kick a stone exit on a woman I used to call my home moon is full suns shining bright rainbow ahead of me left the gold behind Lord knows to heal these walls all you need is time heart like a battlefield scarred from the past it ain't the first time but I hope it was the last what goes up must come down Gotta keep your head together and your feet on solid ground world's still out there waiting to be roamed and there's only one to depend on because now I'm on my own funny I don't miss her face been gone for 90 days one way or another I'll find away because I know tomorrow's another day give me whiskey give me why you give me hope the Lord and a little more time through the years how I have grown and there's no one else to depend on cause I'm on my own
Track Name: Apartment Song
Apartment song

I've been in this house and I've been in this town I've been down your street and I have looked around you have heard my laughter and you have seen my smile you had the city boy walk in a long long country mile now there is another who has taken your place set this heart on fire can't remember your face
Track Name: That Way
that way

never felt like this before
i lost the key when i locked the door
and woke up naked on the bathroom floor
hoping that you feel the same
a pawn in someone else’s game
the human torch has lost his flame

…and you know, it ain’t easy that way
easy come easy go and that’s ok
nothing must stay the same…

they say that time will heal all wounds
i hope the time will come real soon
i miss your rainbow in the room
the human torch has his flame
like a pawn in someone else’s game
I’m hoping that you feel the same way too

…and you know, it ain’t easy that way
easy come easy go and that’s ok
nothing must stay the same…that way
Track Name: 20/20

Don't know where you are tonight but I hope you're happy
don't know where I've been the last two weeks
up atop the highest mountain at the bottom of the sea
I was waiting for that phone to ring
lightning always strikes when it's not needed
and hindsight's always 20/20
if I could only stop the bleeding
what did you think you'd discover
hiding in the lost and found
I could never be your father
or the key to all your dreams
you'd better wake up before you hit the ground
lightning always strikes when it's not needed
and hindsight's always 20/20
if I could only stop the bleeding
Track Name: Cadillac

hangin’ round waitin’ for my baby
to watch the sunset on the bay
you show up sportin’ a new hairdo
i tell ya i think it looks great, “great”
you know i dig all your new piercings
and the tattoo on your neck
i know my mom & dad would kill me
they’d say, “you look like insect“
i know our days are numbered
but i’m in love
i think you gave me vd
but what the heck i’m in love
headin’ down south to tijuana
we got our gibsons in the back
deadhead sticker on the bumper
of my grandmas cadillac
our golden sunsets on the bay
may come to an end
for me there’s only jerry garcia
and you townshend, that’s right
pete townshend
Track Name: Jacks Son Brown
jacks son brown

All I need is my old guitar 25 bucks and I head to the bar as I'm sitting there who stumbles in, cute little girl named "Kim" and a friend, later that night we're back at her place she tells me about her policy of leather and lace started looking for a pen to sign my name I tell you fellas that's one hell of a dame, later comes the question "will you be my man?" that's when I showed her the ring on my hand she gets up and starts to cry my only souvenir was a big black eye I tell you ladies beware of the man riding down the highway with hat in his hand going out west to a place named Cal gonna to make a million dollars but he don't know how tell you fellas beware of the gal she says she wants it all and she wants it now she's got a little method and I'll tell you how first a pint of whiskey then you get the gown.
Track Name: Star

may all my wishes come true
and when in doubt look up to you
shine your light down from afar
forever there because you are
and though the past has left me cold
you heal the wounds upon my soul
and give me strength to a new begin
rescue me from the state i’m in

….you’re my star….and the light of your love
shines everywhere you are…

keep me free from hesitation
shine your light down from afar
deliver me from all that’s evil
forever there because you are
…my star…
Track Name: Magic

you got me...wrapped up by your magic
and i can see.....the situation’s tragic
walking down the street
clouds around my feet
voices in my head....whispering your name
sucker mc....don’t know why i said that
cause you’ve got me....wrapped up by your magic
where down is up and up is down
you’ve got me spinning round and round
walking down the street....clouds around my feet
voices in my head....whispering your name
floating hand in here is so sweet
just like in candy land....or wonkas’ factory
where down is up and up is down
you’ve got me spinning.....round and round